IELTS Writing: Telecommuting

More and more companies are allowing employees to work at home . Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

And here are some useful ideas about the pros and cons.

Negative sides

Telecommuting can increase employee satisfaction and save your company money on utilities. It is not a perfect solution, however: Although telecommuters may be happier, the process can negatively impact the company. As you consider whether or not to allow your staff to work from outside the office, consider the potential negative impacts to determine whether they outweigh the benefits.

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IELTS Writing Task2: How to Write the Introduction

You need a short and accurate answer to the question in your introduction. Many students waste time writing long introductions. The first paragraph should be short and simple; a long, complex introduction will not give you a high score. The main body paragraphs are more important.

A good IELTS Writing introduction needs only 2 things:

  1. A sentence that introduces the topic
  2. A sentence that gives a short, general answer to the question

"Will my introduction get a good score?"

Answer: your introduction alone will not get you a high score, even if it is perfect. The introduction is necessary, but the main body paragraphs decide your score.

It's a good idea to practice writing short, fast introductions. If you can write the introduction quickly, you will have more time to focus on the main paragraphs.

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IELTS Writing General Training Task2 Sample

Please pay attention to  1) the collocations in this sample. To get a band 7, you don't need to learn "big" or "difficult" words. You need to learn how to use words together. You need to use good collocations. 2) The paraphrase in the last two paragraphs. Don’t bring any new ideas in your conclusion, and what you have to do is paraphrase/re-state your ideas in previous paragraphs.

Some people believe the best way to protect the environment is to reduce the amount of air travel. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Whilst air travelling does contribute to vast amounts of carbon emissions which produce unhealthy environments, I believe there are other determinant that need to be controlled, that have greater detrimental effects on the environment, which is why I elect to disagree with the view the cutting air travel is the best way to tackle environmental problem.

It is widely acknowledged that air travelling has some impact on the environment; however, due to its critical role in transportation, it would appear unrealistic to halt its use and purpose for the conservation of the environment. The wider community is blessed with the benefits of air travel that brings with it opportunities to drive economic and social progress, connect people, countries and cultures, provide access to global markets, generate trade and tourism, forge links between developed and developing nations.

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23/02/2013 IELTS Writing Task2 (Australia)

Here is the topic in General Training IELTS test on 23/02/2013

In many countries, sport and exercise classes are replaced with academic subjects. What is your opinion? What are the affects to the children in their lives?

Here is my sample answer. (When you read it, pay more attention to the "Lexical Resource" part)

Whilst a good education is imperative and crucial to a child’s future and career, I believe that a well structured approach to education including physical activities provides the child with a balanced upbringing.

Sports and exercise classes play a significant role in the learning and development of our children. World renowned scientific research suggests that children deliver optimum performance through a balanced approach to education. If a child devotes their entire time to academic subjects, without exercising, they are starving themselves from the body’s natural course to recuperate in the form of physical activities. The body constantly needs to replenish itself from the vigour’s of daily life, in this instance the continuous devotion on academic subjects and a good remedy is to engage in exercises where physical and mental stimulations occur releasing endorphins for sense of well-being.

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