IELTS Reading: List of Headings

Here is a practise of list of headings quetion

The grand embankment
Bangladesh's floods can be devastating. But an ambitious scheme to control the waters is also causing concern.

1 No country is as profoundly influenced by water as Bangladesh. The land, culture and lifestyles of the people are shaped by three of the world's most powerful rivers—the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna, These spread their floods across one-third of the countryside each summer.

2 The great rivers carry soil sediment from the Himalayas which they deposit in a huge, constantly changing delta at the head of the Bay of Bengal. They bring the fertility which supports 110 million of the poorest people on earth and they can also bring disaster to this low-lying land. The raw power of these unstable rivers is difficult to comprehend. Just one breach of the right bank of the Brahmaputra in the 1988 floods inundated 1000 square kilometres of farmland.

3 For much of the year there is too little water. When the monsoon breaks, the flat landscape changes completely. Boats replace bicycles as the means of local transport and deepwater rice flourishes with the rising floodwaters. All of this is essential for the farming season. But when rainfall is exceptional and floodwaters rise higher than normal, the effects can devastate.

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