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Why do people choose the OET (Occupational English Test) rather than the more popular IELTS (International English Language Testing System)? One major reason is because overall the OET is 'easier', except for the listening.

OET listening requires very fast understanding and very fast note-taking. To get good at these skills, you need to practise them… a lot.

Here are some of the best places to practise your OET-style listening:

OET home
The OET website sells practice materials.
- expensive
- you don't get much for your money: eg. 'Practice Materials, Listening, 2010' is 3 full listening tests (parts A&B) and their transcripts

- the most realistic practice for the OET test
Many learners buy these materials with friends to keep the price down. If you're in Australia or New Zealand, you might find them in your local college/university library.

Better Health Channel
- slow talking speed

- useful topics (read the 'conditions & treatments' articles to improve your understanding of these topics, ready for the OET test)
- these MP3s will help you recognise the Australian pronunciation of the condition/treatment names

Health Report and Health Minute (iTunes)
- Norman Swan doesn't have an Australian accent – though based in Australia, he's originally Scottish. 

- he talks clearly
- the topics are modern and of interest to health professionals like you
Broaden your knowledge of modern health topics while you improve your health-related English.

NHMRC (iTunes)
The 'National Health and Medical Research Council' funds health research all around Australia. These podcasts interview NHMRC researchers and visiting health professionals about their research and its implications.
- a lot of technical medical vocabulary

- interesting research
- if you can understand this level of medical English, you're doing great!

Dr Karl (iTunes)
- Dr Karl talks fast
- only a few questions in each show are health-related (fast-forward the others)

- great practice of understanding fast speech
- the health topics that come up are interesting and often funny

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  1. Mike

    If you are looking for OET Preparation in Perth, Western Australia, Central Institute of Technology has started a 4 day Prep Course on Saturdays before the Test.

    I did the course and the test. My Grades were B, B, B, & C for Writing – but that is my weakest skill.

    Sure I will pass next time!


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