O.E.T Listening: Part A Tips


OET Listening Part A: Tips:

  1. Write as much as you can in note form, because this is a note-taking activity.
  2. Don’t copy what you hear word for word.
  3. Don’t write in complete sentences.
  4. Aim for a clear, concise, condensed and detailed presentation of information
    oet listening
  5. If the patient uses descriptive expressions particularly to describe his or her condition, you can either:

    • Take the exact words and put them in quotes, e.g. ‘under the weather’ 2 weeks and off food
    • Or paraphrase, like this: feeling unwell 2/52, no appetite
  6. Be careful to put your information under the relevant heading. If you write in the wrong section, don’t waste time erasing or re-copying; just use arrows to indicate the shift.
  7. Handwriting is important. It’s hard to write legibly under time pressure, but remember, if your work is unreadable you won’t gain marks.

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