IELTS Writing: some ideas about the human race copying each other


The tendency of human race copying each other is shown in the popularity of fashion in clothes and other consumer products. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

When I read the topic, it took me a while to understand the question. As most, if not all people would agree that, many people from all over the world do copy other people’s work or ideas. I think the majority do copy, whereas, the minority don’t. They are classified as leaders. They set the scene and tone and are recognized as industry leaders and trend setters. The others, that is, competitors or followers, would need to emulate their ideas to keep up with the pace or risk falling behind which means loss of profit, growth, market share, sales, opportunities etc. 

In other words, I would say that I 'partly agree' with this opinion. Here are some ideas:

On the one hand, some, particularly smaller companies, businesses or people are dazzled into submission. The ‘master and slave concept’. They have genuine passion and are subjected to the ‘wow factor’, which simply means, they are in ‘awe’ whenever they perceive something incredible and would dearly love to be a part of.  For example, people pursue the new style of clothing and decoration in order to keep pace with the times, while old-fashioned way has been ignored by the majority of people, especially young people. As a result, it would be very common to see people go shopping specifically to follow the patterns of what others buy particularly in the latest fashion stakes.

On the other hand, that the followers would be more inclined to use other people’s ideas or work, is simply because they don’t have the resources to engage in creativity and innovation. There isn’t the finance, human, time, information, research & development, physical and technical. For instance, how can a small company keep up with the major players like Apple, who have money to splurge on research and development, to employ Harvard qualified personnel, to devoted copious amounts of time on projects, to conduct credible research. 

Actually there are those that have no option but to copy for survival. These are people, particularly in underdeveloped countries that need to copy for sustainability. If they don’t, they simply won’t survive.

Pay attention to those underlined words and phrases. Do not be afraid to use more simple language (like 'use other people's ideas or work' – paraphrase the word 'copy' - for example) as synonyms for the task. It is much better than just using the task language so often.

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