IELTS Writing: Introduction


The introduction should be clear and concise. It doesn’t need to be very long and grand since this is a short 250-word essay. Here’s what it should include:

 • a paraphrase (use of different words but same meaning) of the topic and issue presented in the task question
 • your opinion (if you are asked)

It should be 2 -3 sentences. However, if you want to make your introduction more impressive, you should add a brief overview/summary of main points at the end of your introduction. It will help to shoot up your score.

Here is an example:
Many people believe that women make better parents than men and that this is why they have the greater role in raising children in most societies. Others claim that men are just as good as women at parenting. What’s your opinion?

While the view that women are better parents than men has shown itself to be true throughout history, this is not to say that men have little or no importance in childrearing, indeed, their role is still appreciated to some extent. However, in my opinion, women have proven themselves as superior parents and forge better bonds due to being more nurturing, considerate and accommodating. 

3 Comments IELTS Writing: Introduction

  1. Jonathan

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I’m an IELTS tutor. You mentioned that putting a summary at the end of the introduction will help increase one’s score. That’s interesting. Could you tell me where you heard this from? I’d be interested to know. Thanks!

    1. Jeffrey

      By giving a summary / overview in the introduction quickly would be very impressive. An overview in the introduction itself will not increase your score, but it does impress some of the IELTS examiners. (I work with many examiners, and to be honest, we argued about that before.) However, I think students should not focus on that. Let your students know a good introduction should have a good paraphrasing of the task and clear position and main body paragraphs are more important and the body part affects the score a lot. 


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