IELTS Writing: Household duties


Here is an IELTS Writing Task2 question about household tasks, and below is an sample answer.

In many countries, women and men both work full-time. It is logical for men and women to share household tasks equally. (e.g. cleaning and looking after children) To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample answer:
Full time work is an economic reality for both men and women in many countries and it is understandable that two people in a relationship should share the duties at home. I agree with the concept of sharing; however the meaning of equality in a relationship is a relative concept.

With regards to the choice of tasks, there are preferences, for instance men would prefer or are assumed to be well versed with more manual tasks, taking into account the physicality associated with the chores, such as plumbing and anything electrical. Whereas women are assumed to be better at tasks involving cleaning and childcare. I do agree in the sharing of household duties amongst the people in a relationship. It would be important to note when it comes to the division of labor within the household there is a certain degree of socio cultural programming that affects the decisions we make.

Depending on the culture and country the meaning of household duties would differ immensely. Countries where polygamy is legal and practiced, distribution of household duties would take on an entirely different meaning conversely in a heterosexual monogamous relationship the sharing of duties would traditionally be between just two people. I disagree with the notion that men and women in a relationship have to remain in a predefined concept of what their respective roles are. The role of men and women in society is continuously being challenged and is subject to change, relationships must mirror these changes in order to be true to the idea of equality.

Equality is a term that is widely discussed but rarely understood. To be true to one self you have to be honest about your expectations and above all any and all privilege that you may possess .I would like to conclude by mentioning that sharing is caring.

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