IELTS Writing: essay titles


It is important that you are able to interpret essay titles in the exam so that you write an essay that answers the question. Your sentences need to fit together to form a paragraph and the paragraphs need to fit the essay question, not just almost fit.

Look at the two questions below:
A. What are the main causes of crime?
B. Crime is a major problem for many societies throughout the world and is increasing rather than decreasing. What are the main reasons for crime?

There are two basic similarities between the two essays. In each essay, the general subject is crime and the essay is organized around focus words: causes and reasons for, which both mean the same thing. The difference is that first essay title is presented as a question, whereas the second one makes a statement about the present situation as regards crime and then poses a question. In the end, the content and organization of the essays are basically the same.

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