IELTS Writing: attitude towards learning


Many people have a negative attitude towards learning. What are the reasons? What can be done to encourage them to have a positive attitude?

Here is my sample answer:

It might be true that quite a few people, particularly school children today do not have a positive attitude towards studying. In my opinion, emotions like studying anxiety and weariness are the main reasons for this. Teachers should foster and strengthen the predisposition of willingness to learn and ensure that young adults have the right motivation and capacity to learn and continue learning throughout life.

High levels of anxiety in the classroom have adverse effects that can lead to students avoiding work and learning things only at a surface level. Take mathematics as an example, many school children, whose grades are not up to standard, feel it might be difficult to catch up, because there is a perception that maths is one of the more difficult subjects to conquer, especially when their academic performances have already fallen behind others. There is a tendency of students with the higher marks to gradually develop a sense of superiority towards those with lower grades, whilst the latter may feel discouraged. As a result, these emotions have detrimental effects on students’ performance giving rise to negative attitude towards learning.

In light of the reasons mentioned above, teachers have the opportunity to dispel negative stereotypes and myths about any subjects, and to help create a positive classroom environment that encourages students to have a go with greater confidence. Again, using mathematics as an example, students are likely to be more motivated under guidance to manage their own learning and develop the requisite skills to become effective learners of that subject.  This affects students’ willingness to take on challenging tasks and to make an effort in persistence. It thus has a key impact on motivation.

In conclusion, anxiety about learning can act as a barrier to effective learning, but teachers’ guidance and students’ motivation are often regarded as the driving force behind positive attitude towards learning.

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