IELTS Writing: anthropogenic impact on rainforest


Here is an IELTS Writing Task2 topic:

What negative impact are humans having on the rainforests?

some ideas and good expressions:

  • It is a sad fact that while any forest has positive effects on all human life, unfortunately human life on Earth has mostly negative impacts on the forests.
  • Billions tons of timber will be cut out of the forests on a global scale each year.
  • In many countries, especially in developing countries, the trees will be cleared for farming and the wood will be used for energy fuel.
  • A large number of animal and plant species become extinct because of logging industry.
  • When land no longer supports crops, it will then be abandoned and another piece of forest will be cut down in another place.
  • Because of this, many plants and animals are losing their different habitats. The human's capacity to harvest the trees for their wood is far greater than the ability of the forest to regenerate.
  • The water quality of the forests also suffers.
  • With the trees gone, rain will no longer seep into the forest's soil and water reserves that are underground are not being replaced.
  • This soil will then end up in rivers and streams and kill the fish.
  • The quality of air is also being reduced by forest destruction from all the dust and soot in the air.
  • With no trees, no oxygen is put back in the air. Gases are also building up in the Earth's atmosphere from pollution.
  • With no trees, no carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere. This is raising the Earth's temperature, and could make further animal and plant species become extinct.

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