IELTS Writing: 2014 IELTS General Training Tasks


Here are some IELTS General Training Writing Task1 and Task2 Topics in Australia (Oceania) and Asia. (They are recalls from my students)
I will update more questions later.

Formal Letter
You want to work for a company in another country. Write a letter to an employment agency, and you should say:
-          What type of job would you like to apply for
-          What kind of organization do you want to work for

-          Why you want to work in another country

Semi-formal Letter
You are going to do a presentation. Write a letter to your colleague to ask for some help. In your letter, you should say:
-          When and where is the presentation?
-          What do you want him/her to do?


Informal Letter
Your friend asks you to teach his son English. You need to borrow an English book you’re your teacher. You should say:
-          what type of books you need;
-          why do you think these books will be useful

-          When and where you are going to teach this child

One of your friends treated you with a meal at his/her house. Write a letter to your friend, and you should say:
-          How do you feel about the meal
-          How do you feel the time with his/her family

-          Invite him/her to your home

You are writing a letter to recommend a book to your friend, and in your letter you should say:
-          What is this book about?
-          Why you want to recommend this book to him/her

-          Suggest your friend how to get the book


Some people think that the most effective way to reduce the industrial pollution is to tax the companies which cause the pollution. Others think that there are better ways to reduce the pollution. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. [2014.02.15]

Some people think that cars should be banned in the city center of large cities. Do you agree or disagree? [2014.01.18]

Some people think that parents should control their children’s behavior at an early age, but others think that children need more freedom. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. [2014.01.11]

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