Student’s question: Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


For the question “Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?” is that okay if I mention some advantages only, as I believe it has more advantages?

My answer is No! You’d better treat this question as “It has advantages and disadvantages. Discuss both of them and give your opinion.” In other words, you have to discuss both sides no matter what your opinion is and give your opinion clear.

You can follow the structure for this type of question:

  1. Introduction (Paraphrase  the topic and give your opinion)
  2. Paragraph supporting the opposite opinion
  3. Paragraph supporting my opinion
  4. Conclusion

The examiner reads your introduction, topic ideas in your body part and the conclusion first. Then he/she will mark your TR and sometimes CC as well. In this case, you need to keep the consistency of your introduction and conclusion. Don’t give any new idea in your conclusion. In your conclusion, just repeat your opinion and if possible give summary of your main points and that’s the most important rule.

2 Comments Student’s question: Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

  1. Charlotte

    You mentioned that our topic setences in each paragraph have to be consistent. In this case, how should we write the opposite opinion to make it relevant and consistent to the others? If you agree some of the points in your opposite opinion, will that count as inconsistent?

    1. Jeffrey

      You could just say that you believe it has both positive and negative effects. No matter you have a strong opinion or balanced opinion, you have to discuss both advantages and disadvantages.


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