23/02/2013 IELTS Writing Task2 (Australia)


Here is the topic in General Training IELTS test on 23/02/2013

In many countries, sport and exercise classes are replaced with academic subjects. What is your opinion? What are the affects to the children in their lives?

Here is my sample answer. (When you read it, pay more attention to the "Lexical Resource" part)

Whilst a good education is imperative and crucial to a child’s future and career, I believe that a well structured approach to education including physical activities provides the child with a balanced upbringing.

Sports and exercise classes play a significant role in the learning and development of our children. World renowned scientific research suggests that children deliver optimum performance through a balanced approach to education. If a child devotes their entire time to academic subjects, without exercising, they are starving themselves from the body’s natural course to recuperate in the form of physical activities. The body constantly needs to replenish itself from the vigour’s of daily life, in this instance the continuous devotion on academic subjects and a good remedy is to engage in exercises where physical and mental stimulations occur releasing endorphins for sense of well-being.

Equally as important, is the need for our children to develop critical problem solving skills, decision making skills, enhancement of communication skills and harnessing and strengthening bonding amongst peers. Sports and exercises entice children to develop group dynamic traits that are reflective of workplace practices. Often during sporting events, lifelong friendships and comradery are forged.

Greater emphasis is placed on the child to succeed in their academic studies which contributes to pressure and without adequate exercises, the likelihood for a child to experience stress and anxiety in their academic lives are increased exponentially.

In conclusion, whilst it is important for a child to succeed academically, the chances of success are increased with a balanced approach that includes regular exercising.

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