IELTS Academic Writing Task2


Academic Writing Task2: In some countries, the parents expect children to spend long time on studying both in and after school and have less free time. Do you think it has positive or negative effects on children and the society that they live in?

You need to examine and consider carefully before writing an essay or answering a question. This question asks you ‘Do you think it has positive or adverse effects on children and the society ’, then you must write your argument from both children’s aspect and social aspect. Some candidates ignore the social aspect, well, they will lose mark.

Here is a sample answer I completed within 30 minutes.
NB. There is no correct answer to this question. You can discuss both positive and negative effects or you can also take your position on one side, just like what I did. What's more, you need to time yourself when you are doing practise, because during the real exam, you may not have 40 mins to do so. It is very common to see that when the examiner said "40 mins left", many candidates are still doing their task1. And when they finally finish their task1, there might be only 35 mins left, and then you may spend another 5 mins thinking about your point of view and some ideas about the task2; therefore, you might only have 30 mins to do it and that's why I only used 30 mins for writing this.

Many parents expect their children to attend extra educational programs in their leisure time, even they are already bearing heavy study load at school. Yet, in my opinion, this may bring more harm than good to the children and the society as a whole.

Focus on academic programs for a long time is easy to get bored and rebellion would be the children’s common reaction. However, some physical activities are beneficial to them and the role of children's independence in those activities and time spent outdoors is less understood. Many healthy outdoor activities that promote greater independent mobility in children may increase their physical activity levels and hence tackle the epidemic of childhood overweight and obesity. In addition, if children spend all day long studying individually indoor, teamwork spirits could not be obtained which is also essential for their further development and is an ongoing process that continues throughout childhood, adolescence, and even into adulthood.

In term of social aspect, some parents worry that without the guidance and protection of the teachers and guardians, children might plunge into those violent contents from the mass media or hang out with other teenagers on the street; therefore the juvenile delinquency rate may increase gradually. However, if they engage in some social activities, such as community services or voluntary work, comprehensive ability and socially responsible manner would be developed and the benefits bring to the society are obvious as well. As a result, ban their social activities other than studying indoor just because they may involve in gangs is too high a price to pay for this.

In a nutshell, although spending long time study would grant children some positive effects, the adverse impacts it may created and the importance of other extracurricular activities cannot be underestimated.

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