General Training writing task 2


Here are some ideas about today's general training writing task2 topic, and hope this post will be helpful for other candidates.

Presentation skills should be taught to children at schools

Presentation skills are the essentials techniques people use when presenting an idea or set of ideas to another.

Having good presentation skills, also known as soft skills, is essential in people’s life.

The earlier we start with our kids, the better. 

Children learn hard skills like math and science in school, but presentation skills training teaches them important soft skills such as leadership, creativity, persuasiveness and organization.

Presentation skills help to build their communication skills and confidence and they learn how to capture the audience’s attention.

They learn to develop charisma (leadership) and discover their own potential.

While better late than never, college is still a bit late to begin teaching posture, eye contact, proper handshakes, the power of entering a room, and interviewing skills. 

Old habits are hard to break and trying to teach a college grad to finally stand up straight is quite the challenge.

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