Academic writing task 2


After today's test, a lot of candidates look not happy with the writing part, and have no ideas about this topic, which is also reflected in their writing papers.

Here are some ideas about today's academic writing task2 topic, and hope this post will be helpful for other candidates.

In some countries around the world men and women are having children late in life.What are the reasons for this development? What are the effects on society and family life?


The lifestyle they live (and want to live) doesn’t cater to having kids.

In some cultures, women who delay motherhood are likely to work on their careers first and have kids later.

Although many parents enjoy staying with their kids, they experience a spike in happiness around the birth of a child, which makes many new couples are afraid of parenthood.

Effects on family

Couples who have children at 30 would make more money in the long term as they would if they had started their families at 22, and so on with each additional year of delay.

Children’s test scores and IQ improve with each year of parenthood delay, due to the parents’ increased education and experience.

However, women who get pregnant later in life put their children and themselves at risk.

They have higher risks for high blood pressure, miscarriage, and their children are also having higher risks for prematurity, Down syndrome even stillbirth.

Effects on society

Later parenthood has negative consequences for society.

The trend to later parenthood is often discussed in worried tones, including fears around whether later parents will bear enough children to fill the needs of the workforce.

Delay of family is responsible for the gradual trickle-up of women into policy-making roles in business and government.

If they change the work-system, it should become easier in the future for women to combine having kids and well-paid work without extensive delay.

Having children later in life is not merely personal issues.

It is shaped by our current family-unfriendly work policies, which may cause discontent about their jobs or employers and it would affect our society of tomorrow.

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