IELTS Academic Writing Task2


People who read book for pleasure can be better developed in imagination and language skills than watching TV, to what extent you agree or disagree.

Ideas for reading books:

  • Book reading is a powerful cultural influence in children’s literacy development.
  • When reading, a person is creating his or her own movie in a sense, and he or she decides many of the important parts. This process of imagining as a reader is a creative process that is distinctly different from viewing a TV show.
  • Compared with the instant information providing by the TV programs, books have a stronger impact on developing language skills.
  • Reading also leaves more to the imagination than watching TV. You have to visualize what you read and that requires you to work your imagination.

Ideas for watching TV in imagination and language skills:

  • Watching TV series can be very helpful in learning foreign languages.
  • Certainly, you can exercise your listening skills by that and maybe you can even pick up some words and phrases if they are being repeated frequently enough.
  • Another good reason for watching TV is the visual correlation between the language used and the context in which it is used, especially in action sequences.

Ideas against watching TV in imagination and language skills:

  • TV Interferes with the development of intelligence, thinking skills and imagination.
  • A crucial element of thinking is extrapolating from what you know and figuring out how it applies in a new situation.
  • TV conditions a child to dual stimuli: sound and images.
  • Watching TV impedes the growth of longer attention spans.
  • Too much TV can lead to an overload on the visual part of the brain, while depriving other parts of the brain. Areas of the brain responsible for creative thought and imagination are under used because watching television doesn’t require these skills.

2 Comments IELTS Academic Writing Task2

  1. ann

    this topic is really hard.
    if i say books are better, do i still need to mention tv might be better in some situations?

    1. Jeffrey

      No, if you believe that books are better, then you can give a strong opinion and ignore the advantages of watching TV; however, there is a better way to do it. You can use counter-argument, supporting ‘books’ by mentioning some disadvantages of watching TV in developing children’s imagination and language skills.


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