IELTS Writing: General Training Task 1 – “sign off”


An important “stock” phrase in an IELTS General Training Writing Task 1 is the final word or phrase you use before you sign your name in the letter.

Here are some common sigh off phrases appear below:
sign off IELTS GT Task 1

2 Comments IELTS Writing: General Training Task 1 – “sign off”

  1. mrkhan

    recently i appeared for IELTS GT, i got reading=7, listening=6.5, writing=6,speaking=6. But I need 7 in each module. Now I am practicing again, but how can I checked my writing and speaking skill that they are now up-to standard. Is there any way ?

    1. Jeffrey

      Study the marking band descriptors on both writing and speaking.

      My usual advice would be: find a qualified tutor check your work on both writing and speaking.

      For your speaking, you could record yourself and listen to your answers, pay attention to your grammar (verb tenses) and pronunciation. Practice and you will see yourself big improvement.


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