IELTS Writing: Academic Writing Task 1


IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 is designed to test your ability to interpret and present information that is given in short form, often as data within a diagram, graph, chart or table. You are not asked to give opinions, make assumptions, or draw conclusions about the information given. There is no need to write a “separate” conclusion as you must do in Writing Task 2. This is because you are not being asked to conclude an argument, or evaluate your discussion of a topic, as in Writing Task 2. Remember, your opinions are not required in  IELTS Writing Task 1.

There might be a combination of graphs, tables or charts, and you may be asked to compare the information given. Sometimes, however, even when the question does not specifically ask you to compare information, you will probably find it is necessary to do so. Remember to compare the information shown, as the examiners always want to see the comparisons. 

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  1. Rose

    I passed four 7 on last Australia’s Election Day in Adelaide. IDP ielts test centre is much better than uni sa. Speaking module is in a small room so you can hear accessor clearly. Writing part is a big conference room,they project how many minutes left in Arabic numerals full size on the front wall.


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