IELTS Writing: Academic Task 1 – Maps


Here is one Academic IELTS Writing Task1 map question – A history of two villages
academic Task1 map
Here is my sample answer:

The three maps show the history of two villages of Fonton and Meadowside in 1962 and 1985 and their current appearance.

It is clear that these two independent old villages emerge into a larger town today. The new town supplements with better traffic, more amenities and infrastructure.

There was a narrow road through the village of Meadowside and a railway line across the larger town of Fonton in 1962. By 1985, the two were joined by a new wider road, and the old road in Meadowside had been widened as well. Today, the railway line has been extended to a station located half-way between the two places from west to east.

These two villages were uninhabited until 1985, where a new housing estate had been constructed and a sports complex along with a superstore that had also been built along the road in Meadowside. 50 years into the development, the two former villages have now intergrated into one large town. The number of houses has increased and the old center of Meadowside is surrounded by suburbs to the north. Between Meadowside and Fonton, a business park and a hotel have also been built to complement the surrounding structures.

(198 words)

Note: This report is bit longer, but pay attention to the tenses I used in this report.

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  4. bohang yang

    Jeffery, I read through your essay and I have a question regarding to one of your expression. As you said: “There was a narrow road through the village of Meadowside.” it is noticeable that in 1962, the road in Meadowside does not actually go through the town. is it correct to say that?

    1. Jeffrey

      as “through” noramlly in the 3D situation, and “across” is via the “surface”, but in this case, there is no much difference.


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