IELTS Speaking Topic: Travelling by boat


Here is a recent IELTS speaking Part 2 topic:

Describe a travel experience on a boat.
You should say:
       -When did you travel by boat?
       -Where did you travel to?
       -Why did you choice travelling by boat?

And explain how you felt about traveling by boat

Here is an sample answer and it may be hard to most of you, but pay attention to those words that are underlined.

During an extravagant lunch at Crown, I was suddenly tempted and persuaded by the elegance of the atmosphere and uplifting environment, to take an overdue romantic holiday.  After extensive and comprehensive research I decided that travelling with the Spirit of Tasmania is the most suitable option for me, as their brochures depicted incredible life changing experiences and services, fancy banquets with sumptuous desserts with world renown entertainers that leave you mind boggling, in tune with my affluent lifestyle.

The trip was scheduled to leave in December of 2012 for a one week period, from Melbourne to Tasmania. The journey by boat provides people with the opportunity to immerse them with the tranquility of time and an adventure of escapism.   From past experiences I can draw comparisons to other modes of transportation and am thoroughly convinced that this mode is most suitable because it meets the needs of lots of people and their expectations.

My opinion about travelling with the Spirit of Tasmania is that I was presented with the opportunity to meet likeminded people which made my experiences all the more enjoyable as we had lots of things in common to talk about.

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  1. Gavin

    This is an amazing example. BTW I suppose you meant ‘dessert’ rather than ‘desert’…


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