IELTS Speaking Topic: a useful website


Here is an IELTS Speaking Topic about a useful website:
Describe a useful website that you like to visit
You should say:

  • What this website helps you to do
  • What the contents of the website are (or were)
  • How (and when) you first found (or found out about) this website
  • And explain how this website helps you

Here is an sample (audio) answer:

Here is the script of this sample answer:

Whenever I want some basic information about a topic, I go to the website, because I know I’ll always find some information about my topic there.  It’s an invaluable resource, and an example of how powerful a tool the Internet is.

I can’t really remember when I first used Wikipedia.  I think a friend told me about it eight or ten years ago.  I was looking for some information on the Internet, but I was not coming up with anything.  I’d looked in the library and encyclopedias, but I had no luck at all.  I was stumped, and then my friend said I should try Wikipedia.  It was sort of a funny name, and I didn’t really take him seriously, but I decided to give it a try.  Imagine my surprise when suddenly there appeared on my computer screen an article with all the information I needed. 

From that day on, I always start with Wikipedia, and then I’ll use that to look for more information if I need it.  There’re times when the information may not be entirely accurate, so you always have to double-check your facts.  Since the articles are written by a wide range of people, you may find that they contain misinformation or biased opinions.  You have to be careful to always inspect the articles carefully for these things.  However, on the whole, the articles are accurate and useful.

The other day, my friend and I were having a discussion about which flags had the colors red, orange and green.  I went to Wikipedia and found an article on the flags of world nations.  I found out there were none, which certainly impressed my friend, and I "won" our silly contest.

There are more important uses to the website, for sure.  However, it would have probably taken me a lot of time to find this information in a printed encyclopedia.  Wikipedia is a great resource and a definite time saver – and a good judge when you have silly contests with friends!

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