IELTS Speaking: special meal


Here is an recent IELTS Speaking topic in Section 2:

Describe a special meal you were invited to
You should say:
- When and where you were invited
- Who invited you
- What you ate
And explain how you felt about the meal.

Here is an sample answer for this:

Ok then, well I’m actually quite lucky in the fact that I’ve been invited to quite a number of special meals, and the one I’ve decided to talk to you about was a farewell dinner of a good friend of mine, because he was about to go off to Canada for a few years to start university there, so he invited a few of his close friends for a farewell dinner before heading off.

And one of the reasons I’ve chosen to talk about this meal instead of some of the others I’ve been to is simply that it’s still quite fresh in my memory. You know, it was only about a couple of weeks ago when it happened.And as for where we had the meal, well I can’t remember the exact name of the place, but it was quite a posh restaurant somewhere in the centre of the city, and judging from how nice it looked when I walked in, it seemed to be a pretty expensive place to dine. So I was kind of relieved that it wouldn’t be me footing the bill!And we also had our own separate room, which was nice, and probably just as well, seeing as we made quite a bit of noise during the meal, what with all the laughing and stuff going on.

Anyway regarding what we ate, well I couldn’t tell you every single dish that we had, because there was just so much, you know, the whole table was literally covered with food. I mean, there was crab, chicken, duck,what else, um,……oh yeah, shrimps, and, uh…..oh and a whole load of different vegetables. So by the end of itI was absolutely stuffed. You know, we all ate masses, because the food was so good, and it would have been a bit of a pity to see it go to waste!

But anywayfinally thenwith regard to how I felt about the meal, well to put it simply, I really enjoyed it. Because as well as the food, which was fantastic, I really enjoyed everyone’s company. You know, it was great being together with so many good friends, many of which I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

So yeah, all in all, it was a really special evening, and I’m extremely grateful to have been invited, and also very grateful to my friend for his generosityas the bill must have come to quite a lot, I’m sure!


Ok then = Ok, (I’m ready to begin). You can also say, “Ok right then” or “Ok then”

it’s still quite fresh in my memory = I can remember it pretty clearly

posh restaurant = luxury restaurant

quite a bit of = quite a lot of

foot the bill =  pay the bill

I was absolutely stuffed = I’m way too full
(you can use "absolutely" before extreme adjectives for emphasis,for example: "the show was absolutely amazing"! / I'm absolutely starving! but you can't say "I'm absolutely hungry", as "hungry" isn't a strong enough adjective.)

we all ate masses = we all ate a lot

So yeah =  (often used at the beginning of the final sentence when you are finishing your talk/answer)

Quite a while = quite a long time

as the bill must have come to quite a lot = the bill must have been expensive

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