IELTS Speaking: Speaking like a Native English speaker


Look that following expressions and learn the difference and speak in a more native way. hope it would be helpful for your IELTS speaking and also your daily usage.

Non-native English:     I like watching TV very much.
Native English:           I like watching TV a lot.

Non-native English:     It helps me relax myself.
Native English:           I find it relaxing.

Non-native English:     I think maybe……
Native English:           I guess… /  I suppose… /  I would probably say……

Non-native English:     The traffic jams in my hometown are very bad.
Native English:           The congestion in my hometown is horrendous.

Non-native English:     In my memory,…
Native English:           If I remember correctly,… 

Non-native English:     I learnt much knowledge from …
Native English:           I learnt a lot from…
Native English:           I learnt a huge amount from …

Non-native English:     as we know
Native English:           as I’m sure you know

Non-native English:     I seldom read the newspaper. (a bit old-fashioned)
Native English:           I hardly ever read the newspaper.

Non-native English:     Pardon? (a bit old-fashioned)
Native English:           Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.
Native English:           Sorry, could you please repeat that?

Non-native English:     My family has 3 members.
Native English:           There are 3 of us in my family.

Non-native English:     On weekends, I like to play with my friends.
Native English:           On weekends, I like to do stuff with my friends.
Native English:           On weekends, I like to meet up with my friends.
Native English:           On weekends, I like to get together with my friends.

Non-native English:     That’s all I want to say.(not very polite – It give an impression to the examiner that you still have some ideas but you don’t want to tell them.)
Native English:            So yeah, that’s basically what I think.(to use at the end of an answer when you’ve given your opinion)

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