IELTS Speaking: a public library


Here is a recent IELTS Speaking Part 2 topic question:

Describe a public library.
You should say:
            what kind of library it is
            where it is located
            what the function of the library is
and say how you feel about libraries in general

The following sample and comment are given by an IELTS examiner that I work with.

One minute notes:
ummm, Fitzroy, near town hall, big, old bldg, pple sleep there, goo for dvds, online stuff, meeting rooms, esl books, computer books, like libraries


Here is his scripts:
Near where I work, ah quite close to the city, there’s a library called the Fitzroy Public Library. That I really like., it’s just next to the Town Hall and the town hall itself is a beautiful old building. It’s a .spectacular old neo-classical town hall in Fitzroy, built during the Gold Rush. Anyway, the library is a reasonable size, it’s got three large rooms and it’s used for a lot of purposes, ..a lot of children go there to go online and also to chat to their friends on their way home from school…to be honest, I think a lot of people go there just to sleep or to get out of the cold. Of course it’s good for resources that the people who live in Fitzroy would like..(pause) so for example, there’s a lot of Vietnamese people, so there’s a lot of Vietnamese movies, there are Chinese movies. For the Chinese people who live close to there…..there’s a book of English resources for people who are studying English, because a lot of people who live near there are.

And as well as books it has a lot of other well as DVDs and books I should say, it has…books about computing, it has CDs, it also has connections to online resources….If you’re a library member there are different things online you can sign up for. .I really like it. I’ve used it once for a, as a meeting room, you can rent rooms there..and, ah, one of my ESL classes happened in the library. .I really like libraries…I have used that library to go online., I’ve also used it as a place for borrowing books about computers….because one of my hobbies is learning about computers and umm I’ve used it just to kill a bit of time on my way home from work.


I think I repeat ‘also’ too much here.

Notice useful expressions:
Spectacular is good.
neo-classical is not useful to you (‘neo’ means ‘new’;
neoclassical means the building is trying to look like something from Ancient Greece or Rome, but was really built in the 1800s),
because a lot of people who live there are – the ‘are’ refers to the sentence before, about studying English. This kind of grammar is good in the test, but has to be used with the right stress on the word – it has to be said a little slower and louder than the other words in the sentence, and you should put a pause after it.
For example:
–I love swimming. Most people at my university DO.
–I’m trying to get a 7in IELTS. A lot of the people in my class are too, so we all listen to English radio on the way home

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