IELTS Speaking Part2 Topic: Performing Art


Describe a performing artbusker

  • What the performing art is?Busking
  • Where did you see it?
  • What do you think about it?

Many candidates have no ideas on this topic, because a significant majority of students are not familiar with arts and that makes this topic really tough for them. Once you get the topic, you must know what is performing art. Performing arts are art forms in which artists use their body or voice to convey artistic expression (as opposed to visual arts, in which artists use paint/canvas or various materials to create physical art objects. Therefore you cannot talk about painting, drawing on this topic.)

Narrow down your topic and think of the vocabularies that are related to the topic.

Performing arts include dance, music, opera, theatre, magic, spoken word, circus arts, musical theatre and gig*.

Artists who participate in performing arts in front of an audience are called performers, including actors, comedians, dancers, magicians, musicians, and singers. Performing arts are also supported by workers in related fields, such as songwriting and stagecraft.

Performers often adapt their appearance, such as with costumes and stage makeup, etc.

If you live in Melbourne, I believe you must encounter some buskers* on the streets, and you can talk about one of their performances.

My favorite one is Terry Yepits – piano man
A weather beaten Wertheim and its equally well-worn maestro are the subject of several online photo essays and YouTube uploads. Punters can choose from a formidable request list of tunes, some of which Terry proudly claims are older than him. Look for the feather-tipped hat to find Terry cheerfully tinkling the ivories in the Bourke Street Mall.

The most famous one George Kamikawa, blues guitarist
Dubbed the Japanese Blues Cowboy, Kamikawa plays mindbendingly awesome blues on his slide guitar and harmonica while belting out crowd pleasers ‘Mojo Working’ and ‘Sake Blues’. His cult following is now Australia-wide. Bourke Street Mall, where you may be lucky to catch him plays with Japanese spunk Noriko Tadano rocking the Shamisen.

Gig* – is an informal word for concert or performance, but it's fine to use it in this context.
buskers* – a person who entertains people for money in public places (as by singing or dancing), usually while asking for money

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