IELTS Speaking: How to speak higher-level English


In the examples below, 3 differences between the low and high level answers are:

1. The high level answers are a more natural style.
2. The high level answers use more linking phrases.
3. The high level answers are more detailed when describing or explaining something, (using reasons / examples / comparisons).


Do you like your university?

Lower Level: Yes. My teachers are very good and I have lots of friends there.

Higher level: Yes I do. I think my university's great, because I mean, firstly, the teachers there are all really good, you know, I've learnt a huge amount from them. And another thing I really like about my university is the friends I've made there.

How often do you watch TV?

Lower Level: Not often, because I prefer using the Internet.

Higher level: Not that often actuallyI mean, I probably only watch it about two or three times a week, basically because I prefer watching stuff on the Internet.

Do you prefer eating at home or eating in a restaurant?

Lower Level: I prefer eating at home because it's healthier than eating out.

Higher level: I'd say I generally prefer eating at home, simply because the food I eat at home is a lot healthier than the food you get in most restaurants.

When was the last time you received a gift?

Lower Level: About five weeks ago.

Higher level: Let me have a little think, um…… I suppose it must have been about five or six weeks ago, and it was some chocolate that a friend of mine gave me when he came over to my home for dinner (coz my friends all know that I'm a bit of a chocoholic!)

Would you like to move to another city in the future?

Lower Level: No, because I love my hometown.

Higher level: No I wouldn'tthe main reason being that I love my hometown, so if I moved somewhere else, I'm sure I wouldn't be as happy as I am living here.

Can you describe your home a little?

Lower Level: My home is big, for example we have a big living room. And um……We also have a good view because our flat is very high.

Higher level: Yeah, sure. Well first of all, it's pretty big. For example, the living room is about three or four times the size of this room. And, um…what else… oh yeah, and another thing to mention is the view, because we live quite high up, on the twentieth floor, so we've got a really nice view of the city centre.

What films will be popular in the future?

Lower Level: I think 3D films will be popular, because everyone likes watching them. And also I think comedies will be popular, because they help people feel relaxed.

Higher level: Well firstly, I think 3D films will definitely become more popular, mainly because they're kind of more fun to watch than normal 2D films. So that's one thing, and I also imagine it's likely that comedies will continue to be popularfor the simple fact that they help people feel relaxed when they watch them. You know, when we're laughing at something, we tend to forget about our various worries and anxieties, so watching comedies is a great stress relieverif you know what I mean!

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