IELTS Speaking: a house or apartment


Here is an IELTS Speaking Part 2 topic:
Describe a house or apartment that you have (recently) visited.
You should say:
Where it was (or is)
When you visited it
    – What it looked like
And explain why you visited it.

Sample answer:
Ok then, well the place that I’d like to talk to you about was actually a show home that I went to visit with my parents, which was in a newly developed (off-plan) apartment not far from the CBD. And I suppose it must have been about two or three weeks ago when we went there.

As for why we went there, well it was simply because we’re thinking of buying a flat (an apartment) as an investment. You know for Chinese, this is a very common thing to do, because investing in property is seen as being relatively risk-free. And some friends of ours who had already been there to have a look recommended that we also check it out .So we thought, why not!

Anyway, with regard to what the flat/apartment looked like, well basically, it was really nicely decorated, as you can probably imagine, what with it being a show home and all. For example, the floor was mostly marble, and there was a huge chandelier hanging above the dining table. So yeah, it all looked pretty impressive. I mean, even the wallpaper was nice, you know, it was, um… I’m not quite sure how to best describe it, but you could just tell it was really good quality from the feel and texture of it.

The only downside was the price, because I think it was something like ten grand a square meter, so the whole flat came to about 720K ($720,000), or somewhere thereabouts, which was a bit above our budget unfortunately!

Other useful phrases:
It was on the tenth floor
Floor-to-ceiling windows
Very spacious/roomy
Very cozy
It was open-plan
Flat-screen TV
It overlooked the city centre
It had a great view of the city centre

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