IELTS Speaking: favorite room


Here is a recent IELTS Speaking Part 2 topic question:

Describe the room in your home where you spent the most time when you were a child.
You should say:
    What it looked like
    What the furniture was like
    What you did in that room
And explain why you spent most of your time in that room

The following sample and comment are given by an IELTS instructor that I work with.

One minute notes:
rumpus room, big, made for kids, had the tv and the record player, no mp3s then, I had brothers and sisters, could run, make noise, watch tv, I think piano there, not in all houses. More bedrooms these days


Here is his scripts:
When I was a boy, from about the age of about ten to about the age of twenty one when I moved out of home, I lived with my family in a large home and we had a room called a rumpus room’. It’s a bit like a lounge room or a living room, but it’s called a ‘rumpus room’ because rumpus means making a noise and the rumpus room is a large room, mainly a room for children to have fun in. It was a long room…with a dark wooden floor and a big window on one side that opened out onto our garden and apart from a piano and a tv……..the furniture was mainly a special kind of soft chair.called a bean bag – it’s very flexible, you sit on it and it forms to the shape of your body. In that room we used to play a lot with each other, we used to watch a lot of TV, and me and my sisters and my brother used to bring our friends and talk, ah we’d play board games, horse around and things like that. When we were younger we used to run around a lot.

As I said, we spent a lot of time playing board games; things like monopoly, chess, that sort of thing – we played Monopoly and there was one called Cluedo, it’s like the board game of a detective story. It’s different things now, these days everyone’s got their own source of music, but back then we didn’t have any MP3s and if you wanted to listen to music, you had to go to the record player and there was usually only one of those in each house, so the rumpus room got a lot of use. It was the family TV room too so that was where we’d gather to watch television.


His comments:
Notice I go back a few times here. I was running out of things to say, so I said more about the music – explained more general things about each house only having one record player and that kind of thing. I also use detail – I explain what the game ‘Cluedo’ is.
Useful expressions:
horse around is often used for young people having harmless noisy fun. I also use ‘mainly’ and ‘about’ to qualify things (when I was about ten)

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