IELTS Speaking: Chingish and English


A lot of Chinese students in my class try to express their ideas in English, but somehow they end up with Chinglish (Chinese-English) and it’s really hard for me to understand. Sometimes I have to guess the meaning.

In order to speak like natives, you just need to pay a bit more attention to the way, particularly collocations, that native speakers use, when you talk to them or watching some English movies. Here are some typical Chinglish examples. Please avoid those expressions and talk like native speakers. (Examples are given by John – an native English tutor, working in China at the moment.)

Chinglish: You’re laughing point is very low!
Native English: You’ve got a strange sense of humour!

Chinglish: My ten years birthday
Native English: My tenth birthday
Example: My parents gave it to me for my tenth birthday.

Chinglish: It gives me a fresh feeling
Native English: It’s a nice change! / It makes a nice change (from……)
Example: People like having picnics because it’s a nice change from always eating indoors.

Chinglish: The cars in my city are more and more.
Native English: There are more and more cars in my city.

Chinglish: The quality-price ratio is high
Native English: It’s good-value

Chinglish: I like playing poker. (because poker is only one kind of card game)
Native English: I like playing cards / I like playing card games.

Chinglish: Live in a hotel
Native English: Stay in a hotel (live is for a long period of time)
Example: We stayed in the hotel for three days.

Chinglish: play computer
Native English: play on the computer / play computer games / be on the computer / spend time on the computer (depending on what you are doing on the computer)
Example: In my free time, I’m on the computer a lot.

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