IELTS Speaking: an important plant in your country


Here is a common IELTS Speaking Part2 topic and questions in the recent IELTS exam.

Describe an important plant in your country
You should say:
- What the plant is
- How you know it
- Why it is important
And explain how much you like the plant.

I’m going to share the advice and sample answers from one of my colleagues in 51IELTS Centre in Melbourne, Australia. The key point for you is not copying the answer or memorizes them; you should learn the way he prepares it. (He is from Israel and has been learning English for only 4 years so far, but he got band 9 in IELTS Speaking.)




Here is the answer script.

So first of all, as for how I know about bamboo, well I can’t really remember exactly how I first got to know about it, you know, it could have been in a biology class at school, or when I was out somewhere with my parents, but my guess would be that I probably first knew about it at primary school, because that was about the time when we first started learning about things like that.

Anyway, moving on to why bamboo is important, well I’d say it’s pretty important for a number of reasons, the main one of which would be that it can be used to make so many different things, you know, such as chopsticks, chopping boards, flooring, what else, um……oh yeah, and musical instruments, like the bamboo flute for example.

And another thing to mention is that bamboo is also used a lot for carrying stuff. For example, what I’ve seen people do is rest it on their shoulders, and then hang things on each end, because as well as being strong, it’s also very flexible, so it won’t break, even with very heavy loads.

So it’s extremely useful, and what’s good about it is that it grows incredibly fast, you know, not like most other trees, and so although a lot of it’s cut down to make stuff, there will still always be an abundant supply of it here.

But anywayfinally then, as for how much I like bamboo, well I’d say it’s actually probably one of my favourite plantsBecause I meanit kind of just gives me a nice, pleasant feeling whenever I see it. And it’s also a plant which is often associated with China, because we grow so much of it here, so it’s something that kind of reminds me of my own culture, if you know what I mean.

So yeah I guess that’s pretty much it thenThanks for listening.

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