IELTS Speaking: About Clothes


Here are some sample answers about "Clothes" in the IELTS Speaking test given by John, who is an IELTS intructor works in China. Pay attention to those phrases that I underlineded. 

Do people in your country spend much money on clothes?
Yeah, I’d say they do, at least everyone I know does anyway! And one of the reasons is that clothes are (so)ridiculously expensive nowadays! I mean, just for a normal pair of jeans, the price is probably around 60 to 100 Australian dollars, which is quite a sizeable proportion of many people’s wage. So yeahI think it’s true to say that people there in my country spend quite a lot (of money) on clothes.

Do you think you can learn anything about a person from the clothes they wear?
I think you can learn a fair amount, yeah. You know, if you see someone walking down the street in a suit, then I think it’s pretty safe to assume that they have an office job of some sort. (Of course that might not be the case, but there’s a pretty good chance it is.)
And also, if you see someone dressed immaculately, you know, with shiny shoes and no creases on their clothes, then I think you can deduce that that person cares a lot about their appearance and pays a lot of attention to detail, which can’t be said for people who walk around in old, dirty clothes!

What are the differences between formal and casual clothes?
Well thinking about it, I’d say it’s (really) what they seek to achieveSo basically what I mean is that, for formal clothes, one’s appearance is the most important aspect. In other words, you want to look good and presentable in front of others; whereas for casual clothes, then I’d say the comfort is the most important thing,which is why most people wear casual clothes when they’re at home. So formal clothes might look better than casual clothes, but they’re definitely not as comfortable!

Why do you think fashion seems to be constantly changing?
Well I think it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it! You know, the fashion houses that are instigating the changes are doing it to make more money! I mean, if fashion didn’t change so quickly, then people would feel less need togo out and buy more clothes. But as it is at the moment, people are buying stuff they don’t really need, just tokeep up with the latest trends.

Why do some companies require their employees to wear a uniform?
Well I suppose one of the reasons is that a uniform puts the staff into a work frame of mind, and thereby helps increase efficiency. So in other words, it kind of has an effect on the mentality of the employees andserves to constantly remind them that they’re at work.
And as well as this, I imagine another purpose that a uniform might serve is to create a sense of unity within a company, because everyone will be wearing the same thing. So it could help develop team spirit.


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