IELTS Speaking: a TV Program


This is a very common topic in the IELTS speaing test — describe a TV program

Describe a TV programme or channel that you enjoy watching regularly.

  • What it is called
 and what is it about?
  • When do you usually watch it
  • Why do you prefer it to other programmes or channels?

Yap asked whether it would be acceptable to talk about as a TV channel. I think it would definitely be acceptable – just say that it's an online TV channel. TED would be a great choice for this topic. But there are tons of other good TV programs, like Discovery channel, a football live match, the voice, or Master Chef, etc. I found a good TV programs on Youtube these days.

Primetime: What Would You Do? is an American television news magazine broadcast on ABC since 2008 as part of the Primetime series. Reruns of older episodes began airing on OWN as What Would You Do?: OWN Edition since February 15, 2011 (similar to Dateline on ID and 48 Hours on ID). As of October 21, 2012; HLN also aired reruns of the show. Currently, What Would You Do? is the only format of Primetime that is aired year-round. Other subjects, such as Family Secrets, are aired in special summer segments.

I attached one serie of the show below –Will anyone defend a homeless man who just wants to buy a meal? What would you do?

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