IELTS Speaking: a polite person


Here is an recent IELTS Speaking topic in Section 2:

Describe a polite person you know.
You should say:
Who the person is
How you know the person
What the person looks like
And explain why you think the person is polite.

Here is an sample answer for this:

Ok, right then, well the person I’d like to talk to you about is a very good friend of mine called Joe, the reason being that he must be one of the nicest and most polite people I knowwhich I’ll come to explain in a moment.

But firstly, as for how I know him, well we’ve basically known each other since high school, because we were in the same class together, and we still see quite a lot of each other. You know, if I feel like going out and doing something, I normally give him a call and see if he’s free to meet up.

And moving on to why I think he’s so polite, well it’s basically because he’s just got really good mannersAnd just to give you an example, he always says thank you to people, even for the slightest thing. For instance, I’ve noticed that whenever we’re eating at a restaurant, he will thank the waiters and waitresses every time they bring a dish to the table. And another example would be that whenever he gets off a bus, he will always say thank you to the driver, which a lot of people probably think isn’t necessary, but I’m sure the bus drivers really appreciate it, as do the waiters and waitresses, because it’s not all that often they hear people thanking them!

So yeah, that’s basically why I’d say he’s such a polite person, and I’m just trying to think if there’s anything more to add, um……, oh yeah, and one other thing to mention would be that he’s always very complimentary to people. So what I mean is that he tends to always say nice things to people, for example he might make a comment about how nice someone’s looking, or how good their cooking is, which I know might be seen as being a bit um,…what’s the word……um… insincere, but I think he genuinely means what he saysat least most of the time anyway!

And I mean, I can’t remember a single time when he’s ever been rude or unpleasant to anyone, and I also can’t really imagine him being nasty to anyone either.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it then.


…which I’ll come to explain in a moment = …I’m going to explain it later

he’s got really good manners = He is polite.

And just to give you an example = (this is a set-phrase which is used a lot in English, and is normally used for when the example is quite long)

at least most of the time anyway = (this is a useful structure: at least……anyway)

what’s the word =  (you can use this phrase when you are trying to think of what word to use. It’s best to try and keep talking, even when you are thinking!)

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