IELTS Speaking: A band 8 speaking sample


In today's lecture, I showed my students a sample IETLS Speaking practice

Here are the video clips for it

Speaking Practice Test

The student interviewed was Kathrin, a German female. The Speaking Test is in three sections.

Let’s first look at each of these sections in turn to identify the strong points as well as the weaknesses.

Section 1

Kathrin gave a strong and confident section 1. Occasionally at the start her tongue tripped over some words, but this was probably due to nerves. Kathrin spoke fluently with a good range of vocabulary and there were very few grammatical errors. Kathrin spoke at length while answering many questions and managed to show off her fluency and ability to talk at length on a variety of different subjects. This is always positive for examiners. Examiners do not like to have to keep prompting candidates to talk; they like them to take the initiative and show their ability.

Section 2

In this section Kathrin again gave a strong and confident performance. She closely followed the guiding questions, which is always a good idea as they provide prompts for ideas that candidates are able to enlarge upon. I feel Kathrin was a little restricted by the questions though. It is possible that she thought she should not come up with other ideas herself. When given a final question by the examiner, she showed that she could expand her ideas on the topic well.

Section 3

Kathrin handled the questions in section 3 confidently, accurately and fluently. I felt that some questions could have been answered in some more detail, but all the answers were perfectly adequate. Some of the more complex questions made her fluency change occasionally, but this did not happen often. In some long and complex sentences, Kathrin’s grammatical control suffered a little.



The marking of the IELTS Speaking Test is done in 4 parts. Below is how the examiner evaluates this student.


Kathrin had a German accent, but it was not intrusive and at no time did it interfere with comprehension.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Kathrin’ grammatical range and accuracy was very strong. There was the occasional slip up such as "rebuilded" and when going into longer and more complex sentences, she sometimes found it hard to keep the structures accurate.

Lexical Resource

Kathrin used a wide range of vocabulary, though at times she kept to less sophisticated lexis. In general though this was a strong area for her.

Fluency and Coherence

Kathrin showed that she was confident and fluent. She gave long turns and proved that this was not a problem for her. With some of the more complex sentences, she found it hard to maintain total coherence, but she always managed to finish the sentences in a coherent fashion.

Estimated IELTS Speaking Band 8

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