Daily English: Common Expressions in English


Here are some English expressions that many English speakers use them every day.

  1. twenty-four seven (any minute of any day | anytime)
  • You can access my blog site 24/7
  1. get the ball rolling (to start something)
  • Let's get the ball rolling. (Let's start now)
  1. take it easy (relax)
  • I don't have any plan this weekend, and I think I'll take it easy.
  1. sleep on it (take some time to think about decision)
  • I'll get back to you tomorrow, and I have to sleep on it.
  1. I'm broke. (I have no money)
  2. The meeting is at 7 o'clock sharp! (‘sharp’ here means exactly, don't be late. Be on time)
  3. like the back of my hand (very familiar)
  • I know this city like the back of my hand. | He knows the city like the back of his hand.
  1. give me a hand. (help someone)
  • Would you give me hand? (Would you help me?)
  1. in / for ages (for a very long time)
  • I haven't seen him in ages.
  1. sick and tired (I don't like | I hate)
  • I'm sick and tired of doing homework.

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