IELTS Reading: True/False/Not Given


Do the True/False/Not Given questions from a General Training practice test.
Read the advertisement below for Regent Taxi Services and look at the statements following it.
Answer the questions by writing:

TRUE – if the statement is true
FALSE - if the statement is false
NOT GIVEN - if the information is not given in the advertisement

  1. It will cost $50 for 2 people to go to Eastley town centre.
  2. Westley Taxi Services will go to any destination.


1. True
2. True


6 Comments IELTS Reading: True/False/Not Given

  1. alex

    Are these answers true? why ? I think that the first question is false because they say $50 to Eastley town ,
    and second Q also not true ,they say”no destination too far .. please let me know why the answer is true both of them ? ..Thank you. :oops:

    1. Jeffrey

      Don’t think too much when you do reading questions.
      1. ‘$50 to Eastley town centre’ means it will cost $50 for up to 5 people to get to the town centre, as it says ‘max 5 people’.
      2. ‘no destination too far’ in this ads means that it can take you to anywhere and no destination is too far for this taxi company.


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