IELTS Reading: True, False, Not Given


Here is a four-paragraph reading texts from an IELTS reading practice. And do the following True/False/Not Give practice within 10 minutes.

The need for a satisfactory education is more important than ever before. Nowadays, without a qualification from a reputable school or university, the odds of landing that plum job advertised in the paper are considerably shortened. Moreover, one's present level of education could fall well short of future career requirements.

It is no secret that competition is the driving force behind the need to obtain increasingly higher qualifications. In the majority of cases, the urge to upgrade is no longer the result of an insatiable thirst for knowledge. The pressure is coming from within the workplace to compete with ever more qualified job applicants, and in many occupations one must now battle with colleagues in the reshuffle for the position one already holds.

Striving to become better educated is hardly a new concept. Wealthy parents have always been willing to spend the vast amounts of extra money necessary to send their children to schools with a perceived educational edge. Working adults have long attended night schools and refresher courses. Competition for employment has been around since the curse of working for a living began. Is the present situation so very different to that of the past?

The difference now is that the push is universal and from without as well as within. A student at secondary school receiving low grades is no longer as easily accepted by his or her peers as was once the case. Similarly, in the workplace, unless employees are engaged in part-time study, they may be frowned upon by their employers and peers and have difficulty even standing still. In fact, in these cases, the expectation is for careers to go backwards and earning capacity to take an appreciable nosedive.

TRUE          if the statement is true
FALSE         if the statement is false
NOT GIVEN   if the information is not given in the passage

1. It is impossible these days to get a good job without a qualification from a respected institution.
2. Most people who upgrade their qualifications do so for the joy of learning.
3. In some jobs, the position you hold must be reapplied for.
4. Some parents spend extra on their children's education because of the prestige attached to certain schools.
5. According to the text, students who performed bally at school used to be accepted by their classmates.
6. Employees who do not undertake extra study may find their salary decreased by employers.


2: False
3: True
4: Not Given
5: True
6: Not Given

2 Comments IELTS Reading: True, False, Not Given

  1. Chuck

    Hi, I have a question about #6. I think it is true. The last line says, “earing capactiy to take an appreciable nosedive.” Doesn’t think mean their salary will be decreaed by their employer (which is what #6 says)

    1. Jeffrey

      it is said their ‘earning capacity’, which doesn’t means their actual income or salary.


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