IELTS Reading: few, a few, and quite a few


Many candidates sometimes misunderstand or are confused about the phrases: "few", "a few" and "quite a few"

few: a small number of; hardly any; none
a few: more than one but indefinitely small in number; some
quite a few: many

Reading the following paragraph and answer the question below.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

Over the years, the RFDS has developed to take along medical specialists, dentists and various health related professionals. Sister Myra Blanche was the first nurse employed by the RFDS in 1945 undertaking home nursing, immunizations, advising on prevention of illnesses and, on occasion, filling in for the doctor. However, flight nurses as we know them were not used by the Service on a regular basis until the 1960s. Today, based on the judgment of the doctor authorizing the flight, up to 80% of medical evaluations are made with only the flight nurse and pilot on board.

Here is one “True / False / Not Given” question:

 - Quite a few RFDS flights today don’t even have a doctor on board.

The answer is True

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