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Here is one General Training IELTS practice section 1. Read the following 5 advertisements for Hall of Residence accommodation at one university. Read the requirements for 6 students below and then choose the Hall (A – E) that best meets their requirements.

Below you can find the Hall of Residence accommodation possibilities that the university offers its students. Gwyn House, Plas Hall and Rath Place are all situated on the Hawley Site which is only 7 minute walk from the university. Read through and decide which hall would suit you best.
General Training IELTS Reading section 1 matching

1. You are a male first year student who wants a single room, close to the university and with laundry services in the Hall.
2. You are a male, second year student who wants a single room and to cook your own meals. You want to be close to the university.
3. You are a first year girl who wants to share with another girl.
4. You are a first year girl who wants meals provided but you want to be able to cook sometimes too.
5. You are a male student who would like to share with another student for your first year.
6. You are a student with a late night job in the town centre so you want to live close to the town centre.


1. B
2. C
3. D
4. A
5. B
6. E

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