IELTS Reading: Matching practice


Here is a General Training IELTS Reading Matching practice. Please use your watch to time yourself when you are doing this practice. (10 minutes)

The following notice gives information about school excursions. Each excursion is labeled A-J.


A Ancient and Modern Museum
This is a museum with a difference. Along with the usual historical exhibits, this museum features an up-to-date display of hands-on information technology.

B Shortlands Wildlife Park
This is not the usual animal gaol. Here exotic animals wander free in large compounds, separated in such a way that they can't harm one another.

C Botanical Gardens
Besides the many exotic plants one expects to see in a botanical garden, these gardens feature an array of native birds and other wildlife.

D Wax World
If you're interested in seeing how people used to live and dress, Wax World is the place for you. Featuring over 100 wax models of famous people, this venue is well-suited to anyone interested in changing trends in clothing.

E The Central Art Gallery
The art gallery has six chambers each exhibiting paintings from different periods, from the Middle Ages to the present. The walking tour, recorded on tape, is designed for visitors interested in art history and criticism.

F Technology Park
In the planetarium you can observe features of the night sky, and learn about such historical events as the origin of the crab nebula. This excursion also includes a visit to the Satellite Mapping Centre.

G Parliament
Students are met at the entrance by ushers who show them around the Houses. The tour includes the Hansard library, the grand lounge, government and opposition offices and the public gallery.

H St. Cedric's Cathedral
With the Bishops Throne as its central feature, this building is a classic example of the excesses of architecture. This excursion is a must for any student interested in sculpture and stained glass as art forms.

I The Light Fantastic
Find out about the fascinating process of candle making. This factory also holds the additional attraction of illustrating the diverse uses that candles and other wax products can have—from the projection of film to their use in the art of sculpture and decoration.

J Trolland's Caves
These caves, situated below the hills to the north of the city, are entered via the Widmore River. The caves are home to colonies of glow worms that shine like stars on the ceilings and walls of the caves, casting an eerie light on the many stalagmites and stalactites.

Answer questions 1-7 below by writing the appropriate letter A-J behind each question.
Note:  You may use any letter more than once.

Example Answer
Which excursion would you choose if you are interested in famous people? D

1. Which excursion would you choose if you wanted to know about the different uses of wax?
2. Where could students learn something about the animals of the country they are studying in?
3. On which excursion is it possible to learn something about the stars?
4. Which excursion would be suitable for students of fashion and design?
5. Which excursion would attract people interested in computers?
6. On which excursion would you expect to listen to an art critic?
7. On which excursion would you need to travel by boat?


I (pay attention that the question asks for "different uses of wax")
2: C (pay attention to "the country they are studying in")
3: F (if you don't understand the word "planetarium", the clue is "the night sky")
4: D ("fashion and design" is something related to clothing or dressing)
5: A ("computers" is related to IT – information technology)
6: E ("critic" – criticism – this one is the easiest one.)
7: G (if you don't know what is "Caves", then you should get the answer from "are entered via Widmore River")

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