IELTS Reading: a General Training Reading Practice


Here is an IELTS Reading Pracitce for General Training – keep cut flowers. Please time yourself when you do this practice (no more than 10 minutes, as it is prettry easy). Click here to download this passage and questions. (You’d better print this out.)


1 humidity, quality of water
2 chlorine bleach
3 direct sunlight / strong wind (sunlight or wind will be considered wrong answer)
4 8
5 Shape, color
6 seeds
7 maintaining low temperatures
8 water content
9 age more slowly
10 tropical

1 Comment IELTS Reading: a General Training Reading Practice

  1. Tim Yang

    It takes me more than 10 mins to finish it as the answers are not in order…

    I thought it’s different with the real IELTS test.


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