IELTS Listening: a simple multiple choice practice


Here is one section of IELTS Listening Practice – it is much easier than the real one.

Questions 34 and 40

You will hear part of a seminar given at a Hotel Management School. Circle the letter beside the most suitable answer for each of the questions below. The first one has been done for you as an example.

Example: How many major career areas does the lecturer mention?
A. 3

B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

34. For each professional area the lecturer discusses:
        A. the professional qualifications necessary
        B. the available career opportunities
        C. the personal skills needed
        D. all of the above

35. The reception desk in a hotel is described as:
        A. impressive at first
        B. a switchboard operating system
        C. the nervous centre of the hotel
        D. the first point of contact with a guest

36. It is essential in front desk and reception work to have:
        A. a foreign language
        B. a good dictionary
        C. switchboard operation skills
        D. none of the above

37. The lecturer says that a member of a drink and bar service team:
        A. need not have a thorough knowledge of wine
        B. must not drink on the job
        C. can eventually become a wine maker
        D. can eventually manage a cellar dealing only with wines

38. The most experienced cook is a:
        A. Grade 3 chef
        B. Grade 1 chef
        C. Grade A chef
        D. Grade 10 chef

39. Students completing the Catering Core option can start working as
        A. a Grade 2 chef
        B. a Grade 1 chef
        C. an Assistant chef
        D. none of the above

40. The seminar was given:
        A. by the Principal of the school
        B. to introduce the school to potential students
        C. to introduce students to the course options available
        D. to introduce the staff to new students


35: D
36: D
37: D
38: B
39: C
40: C

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