IELTS Listening practice


Here is a practice for IELTS listening

Listen to the conversation between your friend and the housing officer and complete the list below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR NUMBERS of each answer.



Number of rooms

Price per week

Additional information

Mr. J Devenport
82 Salisbury Road
Brighton BN16 3AN
Tel 01273 884673

2 bedrooms
sitting room
kit. bath.




Mrs. E. S. Jarvis
2 Wicken Street
Brighton BN15 4JH
Tel 01273 774621

(1) _____________________
sitting room
Kit. Bath.

(2) ______________

First floor

Mrs. C Sparshott
180 Sillwood Road
Brighton BN14 9RY
Tel(3) _______________

2 large rm/s
Shared kit. and


Nice area
(4) __________________

Mr. A Nasiry
164 Preston Road
Brighton BN5 7RT
Tel 01273 703865

large bedroom
sitting room with
Kitchenette, bath.

(5) ______________

Ground floor

(6) ________________
2 Harrow Road
Brighton BN9 9HK
Tel 01273 745621

2 large rooms
Kit. Bath.


No pets

4 Comments IELTS Listening practice

  1. Umbrella

    “Tel(3)” is in the table, do we still need to add “01273″ before “742735″ in our answer?Thanks. :grin:

  2. Jeffrey

    The answers are
    1. (a/one/1) double bedroom
    2. £ 90//ninety pounds NOT 90//ninety
    3. 01273/Brighton 742735
    4. near (railway) station//central
    5. £ 68//sixty eight pounds NOT 68//sixty eight
    6. Mrs. (P) Tonks (must be spelt correctly)


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