IELTS Listening: practice from the official materials


Here is one section of IELTS Listening Practice from the Official IELTS Practice Materials.


Questions 21 and 22
Complete the sentences below.

Research Project

- Harry and Katy have to concentrate on coastal change for their next project.
21. Their work could be delayed by the…………………………
- They plan to get help from the Marine Biology Unit.
22. Before they go to the beach, they need to visit the…………………………

Questions 23and 26
Who will do each of the following tasks?
A. Katy
B. Harry
C. Both Katy and Harry
Write the correct letter, A, B or C, next to questions 23 -26

23. Take photographs         ……
24. Collect samples             ……
25. Interview people             ……
26. Analyse data                  ……

Questions 27-30
Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.

27. Why does Harry want to do the presentation?
        A. to practice skills for his future career
        B. to catch up with his course requirements
        C. to get a better mark than for his last presentation

28. What is Katy’s attitude to writing up the project?
        A. she is worried about the time available for writing
        B. she thinks it is unfair if she has to do all the writing
        C. she is concerned that some parts will be difficult

29. Why does Harry want to involve the other students at the end of the presentation?
        A. to get their opinions about the conclusions
        B. to help him and Katy reach firm conclusions
        C. to see if they have reached similar conclusions

30. Katy agrees to deal with any questions because
        A. she feels she will be confident about the material
        B. Harry will be doing the main presentation
        C. she has already told Dr Smith she will do this


weather (conditions)
22: Environment/Environmental Agency
23: B
24: A
25: C
26: B
27: B
28: C
29: A
30: A

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