IELTS Listening: practice


Here is one section of IELTS Listening Practice – In this section you will hear a discussion between a college receptionist, Denise, and a student named Vijay about learning a language. 


Section 3 Questions 25 – 36
Questions 25 – 29
Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR NUMBERS for each answer.


Name of Applicant:            Vijay Paresh          
Telephone number:         909 2467           

Language to be learned: (25) __________________________
Location of class: (26) __________________________
Time of class: (27) __________________________
Name of class: (28) __________________________
Date of commencement of class: (29) __________________________

Questions 30 – 32
Circle the appropriate letters A-D.

30. Anne is
    A Vijay's friend
    B Denise's friend
    C Vijay's boss
    D Denise's boss.

31. When Anne speaks she
    A congratulates Denise
    B ignores Denise
    C criticises Denise
    D praises Denise.

32. When Denise replies she
    A laughs at Anne
    B sympathises with Anne
    C argues with Anne
    D apologises to Anne.

Questions 33 – 36
Listen to the directions and match the places in questions 33 – 36 to the appropriate letter A-H on the plan.

33. Reception area, admissions      ___________________
34. Fees office                   ___________________
35. Book and stationery supply      ___________________
36. Travel agency                 ___________________

ielts listening map


26: Building A
27: 6pm
28: Elementary 1 / one
29: August 10(th) / 10(th) August / 10/8
30: D
31: C
32: D
33: A
34: D
35: F
36: G


Denise: Hello. May I help you?

Vijay: Hello. is this the right place for me to register to study foreign languages?

Denise: Yes, it is. May I have your name please?

Vijay: Vijay. My family name is Paresh.

Denise: Vijay Paresh. Okay. Do you have a telephone number?

Vijay: Yeh. 909 2467.

Denise: Thank you. Now, which language would you like to learn? We offer French, Italian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Portugese …

Vijay: Ah. I'd like to learn Spanish, please.

Denise: Okay. Our classes are conducted in lots of different places. We have classrooms in the city and here in this building …

Vijay: What's this building called?

Denise: This is Building A.

Vijay: I work near here, so it'd be best to study in Building A.

Denise: What time do you want to come to lessons? They go on for three hours, and they start at 10.00 am, 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm.

Vijay: I wish I could come to the daytime lessons, but I can't, so 6.00 pm please.

Denise: That's our most popular time, of course. Umm. Have you ever studied Spanish before?

Vijay: No, I haven't.

Denise: We describe our classes by level and number. Your class is called "Elementary One."

Vijay: Okay. When will classes start?

Denise Elementary One begins-ah-just a minute-ah-it begins on August 10.

Vijay: Great! Now what else do I have to do?

Narrator: Now look at questions 30 to 32.

Choose the appropriate letters A to D and write them in boxes 30 to 32 on your answer sheet. Listen carefully to the conversation between Denise and Vijay and Anne.

Denise: Well, let's see. First, you have to go to …

Anne: May I have a minute please Denise?

Denise: Of course, Anne. Excuse me for a minute. please, Vijay.

Anne: Did you file those forms for me last night?

Denise: Ah. No. They're still on my desk.

Anne: Oh, Denise, that's simply not good enough!

Denise: I'm really sorry, Anne. It won't happen again.

Anne: All right Denise. Go back to your customer. But please be more careful in future.

Narrator: Now listen to the directions and match the places in questions 33 to 36 to the appropriate letters A to H on the plan.

Denise: I'm sorry Vijay. What were you saying?

Vijay: I wanted to know what else I had to do.

Denise: Oh, of course. Please go to the building on the other side of Smith Street. I want you to go to the reception area first. It's just inside the floor on the left as you enter from Smith Street. Give them this form.

Vijay: Okay. Do I pay my fees there?

Denise: No, but the fees office is in the same building. Go past the escalators and you'll see a games shop. It's in the corner. The fees office is between the games shop and the toilets.

Vijay: Thanks. Er. Where can I buy books?

Denise: The bookshop is opposite the lifts. It's right next to the entrance from Robert Street.

Vijay: Your offices are spread out!

Denise: Not as badly as they used to be. By the way, we offer very competitive overseas travel rates to our students.

Vijay: Oh, I'd like to look into that.

Denise: Of course. The travel agency is at the Smith Street end of the building, in the corner next to the insurance office.

Vijay: Thank you very much. Bye.

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