IELTS Listening: Notes-taking by using shorthand skills


Notes-taking is a very useful skill when you are practicing IELTS listening. As in my previous post, I mentioned that the key factors for getting a higher score in the ILETS listening are detailed information and spelling. So, try to do some notes-taking practices by using short-hand skill without the test paper, if you’ve done all the tests in Cambridge IELTS books.

Here is a short text about volcanoes, and try your note-taking and short hand skills.

Volcano by the Sea

There is a volcano on a Hawaiian island. It pushes lava into ___________ and causes a lot of steam. But it is not the biggest volcano there. On the ocean floor, a new volcano is erupting nearby.

Scientists are watching it underwater from _____________. It has caused a lot of ___________. The scientists found a part of the new volcano is missing. An __________ made the volcano top __________. They can tell that it will be an island some day.

The Hawaiian Islands continue to grow. The lava from the ___________________ continues to push upward. Hot water can be seen pouring out of the ______________of the new volcano. The scientists cannot get too close or they might ______________ from the new land breaking up.

Scientists will watch the ____________and ____________ as the new volcano grows. It will be the newest island in the Hawaiian chain. There will be plenty of time to watch it grow. The new volcano will not reach the _________________ for ______________.

6 Comments IELTS Listening: Notes-taking by using shorthand skills

  1. Ihasan

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Do you have any kind of rules for note taking or short hand in particularly for Ielts listening section?

    1. Jeffrey

      There isn’t such a rule for note taking, but i assume that you should focus on the “nouns”, including numbers and time

      for shor hand, the method differs greately from person to person, so find the one that suits you well, like initials

  2. Kan

    Great, yet for answers or related notes, it would be better use a tab or toggle plugin to hide or popup. As a new site functional moudle, the way of collecting original IELTS articals is either to import resource from different blogger platforms or just to link these posts to different teachers and sites. Any alternative ways or suggestion?

  3. ann

    Dear Jeffrey,
    I m so shocked when I just got my latest result. Can you give me some suggestions.
    As my writing is always 6.5, I flied to mainland China to take the test again.However, the writing is only 5.5 this time which is even lower than the mark i got when I was applying for my master degree two years ago. My reading and listening are always around 8 and speaking is 7.
    I have tried different ways to improve my writing skills and now I really don’t know what else can i do.
    I feel so frustrated and hopeless.

  4. Jeffrey

    The keys:
    the ocean
    a submarine
    middle of the earth
    get hurt
    surface of the ocean
    5000 years


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