IELTS Listening: Multiple choice questions


In recent IELTS listening tests, there are more and more multiple choice questions in the paper, and that absolutely increases the hardness of the listening test. Multiple choice questions are difficult because there is more to read, and the speaker often mentions more than one of the choices/options (to trick you).

Here are some tips:

  1. Read all the questions and choices/options before the listening starts.
  2. If you can’t reading all the choices/options within the given reading time, at least read all the questions first.
  3. Read the choices/options while you are listening, and do not read the choices/options line by line. Reading the difference between choices/options.
  4. Underline key words in each choice/option. The key words are those that make the difference in meaning between choices/options.
  5. Don't check your answers to the previous section; use the breaks to read ahead.
  6. When listening, only look at the words you underlined. Don't read everything again.
  7. Expect the trick! They often mention more than one choice/option, so be careful.
  8. If you're not sure, make a good guess, and then move on to the next question.
  9. If you don't have time to read everything (tip 1), don't worry. Prepare as many questions as you can, then do your best on the others.
  10. Remember, all the contents are factual texts. So anything against the truth or any too absolute expression might be considered NOT true. (tip 8)

Remember that the best tip is this: do lots of practice!

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    1. Jeffrey

      Here are 3 useful websites for IELTS listening practice. Click on the titles.

      • Spelling Practice – If you have a problem with spelling, try this website. Choose a topic and take a spelling test. Part 3 of each test is probably the best (parts 1 and 2 might be too easy).
      • Listening and Reading – This is not an IELTS website, but it's full of short texts that you can read and listen to at the same time. This could be a good way to work on your pronunciation (American English) and to extend your vocabulary.
      • IELTS Tests – A website for test practice (click login as a guest to do the free tests).

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