IELTS Listening: Map


You will hear a presenter giving information about the site of an art and music festival.
Listen to the directions and match the places in questions 1-3 to the appropriate letters A – G on the map. There is an example which has been done for you.

ExampleMain Stage        Answer : A

1. First Aid Post       ________
2. Public Telephones   ________
3. Security Post       ________
ielts map listening


1. E
2. D
3. B


Good Afternoon, I'd just like to make a few announcements before the first performances begin at this year's Hetherington Art and Music Festival.
Firstly, a short guide to some of the more important places on the site. There are three stages. Stage 1 is the main stage and is where I am speaking from now. Stages 2 and 3 are opposite each other to the left and right of the main stage. The first aid post is located directly behind me and to the northeast of the main stage. The organiser's office is next to the rear entrance and this is where lost children can be reunited with their parents. In front of this office you will find ten public telephones. These telephones can only be used to telephone out; they will not receive incoming calls. Toilets are to be found in all four corners of the stadium site. If you lose anything you should make a report at the security post next to stage 2. Remember to visit the souvenir stalls in the car park in front of the main entrance to the stadium.

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