IELTS Listening: learn to predict


In the Listening Test you use four skills at once. In is not surprising that candidates often find this the most demanding of the four tests. You need to be able to:

 • Read in the instructions and questions
 • Listen for general information
 • Listen for specific information
 • Write the answers as you listen for the answers to the questions that follow.

Before each listening passage, in the time given to you to look at each section in the test booklet, you should try to predict information about the listening passage situation. Predict the number of people involved and what they might be doing or planning. Try especially to predict what they might say and the words they might use.

You are given only a short time to look at the questions before the listening passage begins. However, to score well in the Listening Test you need to develop the ability to think ahead. The more effectively you can predict, the quicker your mind will form the correct word associations to make with the topic, and the better you will be able to work out the meaning of what you hear.

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